A brand speaks on your behalf and needs to embody your business' values. Each of my branding projects start with a thorough discovery of who you are, your history, goals and competitive landscape. With this information I arrive on distinctive solutions that feel like a natural extension of your business.

Glasshouse completes each branding project with an easy to follow brand standards guide, detailing each aspect of the brand to ensure successful implementation by you and your team.


From business cards to brochures to building wraps, print can be a big part of marketing your business. Arriving on creative yet practical solutions, Glasshouse finds the best ways to communicate your message and showcase your business through the print medium.

My role doesn’t stop at the design stage however; through paper stock choices, printing techniques and press checks I ensure the final product looks fantastic and aligns with your budget.


An online presence is a critical component of any business. While fully versed in HTML and CSS, my design background also allows me to go beyond web trends and gimmicks and create websites that look stunning and thoughtfully promote your business.

All Glasshouse websites are fully responsive so that they look great whether viewed on a desktop, tablet or phone. I also work on the Wordpress CMS platform and write custom user manuals for each of my sites, giving clients the power to make their own updates and keep their content current.